Editorial Preview September 2020

Deadline for ads: 25th August 2020 | Date of publication: 17th September 2020

Protection against forgery


Choosing the right anti-forgery protection

Manufacturers of food, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and cosmetics have all been the victims of counterfeiters. And since forgeries generally only look like the original product, this can be dangerous. Not just for the reputation of the owner of a brand but also for consumer health. The solution: Anti-forgery protection. But what kind?


Focusing on product quality and integrity

Serialisation is a term with which the pharmaceutical industry has been familiar for some time. However, this issue is becoming increasingly important in all other branches – from food and beverages to cosmetics and medical products.

Packaging printing


Greater speed for packaging printers

The packaging printer Mediahaus installed a new Speedmaster XL 106 from the Heidelberg-based company Druckmaschinen in March 2020. It not only allowed the media service provider from Ahaus to increase its overall efficiency but it also helped the company find new customers.


Interview with Memjet CEO Sunil Gupta

Memjet CEO Len Lauer died unexpectedly on 12 April 2020 in his house in La Jolla, California. He was 62 years old. Sunil Gupta, who had already held leadership positions at technology companies such as Fuji Xerox Australia, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, Xerox International Partners and Xerox Corporation, was named his successor. Gupta had joined the executive board of Memjet in January 2019. In an interview with neue verpackung, he explained how his company is positioned in the current environment.

Packaging machines


First manually, now fully automatic

A complete packaging line for fresh, ready-to-eat salads from the Finnish market leader Fresh Servant stands out thanks to the economical and ergonomic advantages it provides. In addition, the newly installed plant offers a much needed increase of production capacities.


Mission Retrofit accomplished

How can filling plants in the dairy industry be readied for the future? That is the question Maier Packaging has been answering since 1985. The company based near the Chiemsee in Bergen has once again proven its expertise in the retrofitting of existing forming, filling and capping plants during a project at Zott.


Positioning displays with IO link for packaging plants

To ensure that tubular bag machines and cartoners can be used flexibly, it is important that the plant can be adapted to changing packaging formats. Rovema, a manufacturer of packaging plants, e.g. for the food industry, relies on a monitored format adjustment that uses the AP10 electronic positioning displays with IO link from Siko.


Custom-made process line for ham and sausage product manufacturer

Ramón Ventulà S.A, a family business in north-eastern Spain that is known for the quality of its wide range of meat products, has decided to replace its plant with an integrated cutting and packaging line from GEA. The new line, which combines scanning, cutting and thermoforming technology from a single source, achieves higher outputs, greater efficiency, fewer downtimes, less packaging material waste and a higher product flexibility and consistency.

Sensors/image processing


How robots learn to see

OnRobot, which had previously been known primarily for its grippers, is now launching its first image processing system: "Eyes" provides robot arms of all main manufacturers with the ability to optically detect parts and also equips them with a 2.5D depth perception. In addition to the length and width of workpieces, the Eyes system is also able to display their height to a certain degree. Thanks to this depth perception, the cobot can also recognise the height of parts and therefore grip them better and even stack them. The system is simple to operate and can easily be integrated in existing applications.

Final packaging


Sustainable straps

Teufelsberger has developed a strap specifically for the printing and packaging industry as well as for mail-order businesses. It is simple to integrate them into production processes, they are easy to handle and do not burden the environment. Tewe Soprim will not only make the processes of customers more efficient, it will also help them contribute to a cleaner environment.

Corrugated board, cardboard and paper packaging


The new German green wave

The start-up Green Lightweight Solutions develops degradable biopolymers for packaging that can be turned into high-performance materials following the recycling process (e.g. those that are equal to materials like steel or CFK materials or even surpass their technical quality). With its products, the company wants to compete with classic corrugated cardboard.

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