Termin 28.11.2017 bis 28.11.2017
VeranstaltungsortSchaffhausen, Schweiz
VeranstalterIPI International Packaging Institute, Neustadt 51, CH-8200 Schaffhausen
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Telefon+41 52 675 51 51


You have developed a highly promising product and want to take it to market. Have you done enough to protect it from your competitors? Will you have enough time to recover your development costs before “me too” products start appearing? We will provide insights and options you can pursue to ensure you keep a step ahead of your competitors.

Target audience

This seminar which will be held in German, is aimed at development specialists, product managers, marketing specialists, Board level staff responsible for Business Development, R & D, Innovation and new entrepreneurs who need to build thinking about “Patents” into their schedule.

Seminar Aims

The aim of this seminar is to make a highly complex topic accessible to non-specialists and to give attendees greater confidence when seeking to apply for patents.

Following an introduction to the strategic considerations around patents, participants will examine the purpose of patents as part of a successful project management approach. Real-life examples will also be used to illustrate the use of patent research to successfully support new product design. Integral to this is also recognition of the direction of travel in technology and the acquisition of additional market information. 

Current options for investigating the present state of technology will be outlined and the steps to be taken in protecting your product at national and international level will be outlined. Practical case-studies will be used to provide an effective introduction into the “art of reading patent documentation”.

Real-life examples will help participants to understand how they can and should build into their process consideration of the patenting of relevant product features and how this can be anchored in the product development and marketing strategy.  

Concluding the patent journey, participants will find out how the value of patents can be assessed. 

IPI International Packaging Institute

Neustadt 51
8200 Schaffhausen

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