Termin 23.10.2013 bis 24.10.2013
VeranstalterPackbridge, Scheelevägen 27, SE-223 70 Lund, Sweden
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TelefonPhone: 0046 703 207163

„Open Up for Innovation“ – this year´s theme on Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge 2013

Innovation is about finding new ways to meet a demand, current or future. Innovation is about investing time, passion and resources in the unknown. A rough number for the success rate for new product introductions in the retail grocery industry is around 20-30 percent. That means that 70-80 percent of the products launched during a given year will fail. Introducing new products is very costly and every step to improve that rate is beneficial. Clarifying market analysis and a well-structured portfolio strategy will definitely help. Finding the right partners and collaboration is fundamental.


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